Full day Phnom Penh trip

Dig into the distinctive history of Phnom Penh on a full day tour of the exceptional Cambodian province. Explore the dark & ruinous past of the region as you get into shady locations made disreputable by the Khmer Rouge; learn regarding Cambodia’s present political situation and see how inhabitants go about their everyday life. A full-day Phnom Penh trip is the best way to explore what this region has to offer. Listed below are a few places that you’d like to check out during your Phnom Penh day trip:

Full day Phnom Penh trip

Full day Phnom Penh trip

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum:
Also, recognized as S-21 Prison, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum was previously Tuol Svay Pray High School prior to it was converted to an interrogation, torment and execution house by the Khmer Rouge authorities. An approximated 17,000 Cambodians harbored this infamous venue but just 7 were able to survive following the conclusion of the government. The museum also showcases 6,000 haunting pictures of its prisoners for tourists to comprehend the recent tragic Cambodian history. Exploring this museum is an intense experience that you don’t want to miss out.

Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda:
Well, the Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda are placed next to one another, expanding 174,870 square meters of lush greenery & awe-inspiring Khmer architecture. Though the ruler of Cambodia still lives in The Royal Palace occasionally, travelers can explore many buildings inside the castle ground for US$6.50 & guided trips are accessible for just US$10. Placed in Sisowath Quay, must visit at The Royal Palaces encompass the Throne Hall & Moonlight Pavilion. In the interim, entry to the Silver Pagoda is free of cost, where you get the chance to witness the Emerald Budha made of Baccarat crystals.

National Museum of Cambodia:
Situated on Street 13 in central Phnom Penh, next to the Royal Palace, the National Museum of Cambodia is sheltered in an elegant terracotta structure of classical design (constructed from 1917-1920), with a tantalizing courtyard garden. The museum accommodates world’s finest collections of Khmer ethnical artifacts encompassing ceramics, sculpture, and ethnographic articles from the prehistorical pre-Angkorian, Angkorian and post-Angkorian eras.

The museum encourages awareness, understanding & discernment of Cambodia’s legacy through the conservation, presentation, reassurance, interpretation, and procurement of Cambodian cultural material.

Independence Monument:
Locally recognized as Vimean Ekareach, Independence Monument is a legendary landmark that is placed in the heart of Phnom Penh City Centre. The monument denotes Cambodia’s freedom from the French who’ve inhabited the country between 1863 and 1953. Consequently, national festivals such as Constitution Day (September 24th) and Independence Day (November 9th) are held here. Though you are on a day trip, but the best time to visit the Independence Monument is at night when its surroundings are lighted by red, blue and white floodlights.

Sisowath Quay:
Pay ear to some beautiful birdsong as you stroll through the Sisowath Quay– the walkway of the Tonle Sap river. A picturesque path along the water’s edge, the Sisowath Quay provides a wonderful daytime sightseeing possibilities, as you can explore many of Phnom Penh’s finest attractions throughout the way.