Visit some of the awesome places from a lot on a Luang Prabang day trips

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed site of Luang Prabang truly represents the essence of charm and tranquility in South East Asia. It is surrounded by spectacular scenery of lush, green covered mountains, colorful flowers, sacred caves, and waterfalls. Luang Prabang day trips inspire to uncover the most excellent of this charming city and its surrounding areas have to offer!

Visit some of the awesome places from a lot on a Luang Prabang day trips

Visit some of the awesome places from a lot on a Luang Prabang day trips

Sitting at the meeting point of two rivers, the Mekong and the Nam Khan, Luang Prabang a beautiful and a charming place, stands out amongst top vacation destinations. The UNESCO World Heritage site Luang Prabang is surrounded by panoramic Limestone Mountains, lush green fields, forests, and stunning travel destinations. Luang Prabang day trips offer vacationers to travel around the waterfalls to monasteries to trekking to outdoor activities and the region’s best breathtaking unforgettable trip of a lifetime! A range of fascinating travel destinations call for at least one day trip to Luang Prabang. Few of them are as follows:

Kuang Si waterfalls
One of the top things to do in Luang Prabang day trips is visiting the most well-known natural landmarks Kuang Si waterfalls which is located 20mile south of Luang Prabang. Travelers can reach there with a tuk-tuk or a boat over the stunning turquoise waters as they cascade down Kuang Si Waterfalls. From hiking to the peak of the mountain to swimming in the natural pools, it also offers plenty of adventures for adrenaline junkies! Perhaps it is the most photo-worthy spot in Laos for your camera!

Pak Ou caves
Luang Prabang is highly popular for Pak Ou caves located near river Mekong. The Pak Ou caves or Buddha caves are one of the most respected holy sites in Laos. If you are looking for something to do in a Luang Prabang day trips, visit the holy place of the Pak Ou caves. It is 25-kilometer scenic boat ride down the Mekong River for arriving at the dramatic limestone cliff and the cave within it. The caves are crammed with more than 4000 Buddha statues of different sizes nestled in a limestone cliff and have been known as a place of worship over a thousand years.

Wat Xieng Thong
If you are an architecture geek, Wat Xieng Thong needs to be on your must-see list in Luang Prabang day trips. Built-in 1560 as a Royal Temple, it is one of the oldest and most significant Buddhists temple located at the northern tip of Luang Phrabang renowned for its fascinating architecture, elaborate mosaics and beautifully restored wall paintings. This golden city temple is prided as the most beautiful temple in Luang Prabang that offer full spiritual experience to travelers.

Royal Palace
Built with exquisite traditional Lao and French colonial accents, the Royal Palace houses a rich compilation of artifact, clothing, arms and much more for you to explore on your Luang Prabang day trips. It is home to the 83cm Golden Buddha, believed to be the under Luang Prabang’s protection since the 14th century. The Royal Palace also speaks about Lao’s rich history and culture.

Luang Prabang is well known as the most charming city in Southeast Asia. Abundance of nature, most pleasurable traveling destinations blend together to create a stunning atmosphere that may not found elsewhere in the region. Assorted things to do, attractive nature and hundreds of eye-catching destinations in Luang Prabang magnetize vacationers who look for experiencing the real Luang Prabang day trips.